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Intel’s latest drive combines Optane memory with a boatload of SSD storage

Intel Optane storage was arguably too forward of its time, with 3D XPoint reminiscence that was extremely quick however far too restricted in storage capability. Now, at CES 2019, Intel could have solved this bugbear with its newest Optane Reminiscence H10 module.

This seemingly regular M.2 SSD drive pictured combines a tiny quantity of Intel Optane reminiscence with a big dollop of QLC 3D NAND storage.

There are at present three fashions of Intel’s Optane Reminiscence H10: 16GB (Optane) + 256GB (QLC); 32GB (Optane) +512GB (QLC); and 32GB (Optane) + 1TB (QLC).

With any such mash up, the Intel Optane Reminiscence H10 module successfully provides you the very best of each worlds, with extraordinarily quick Optane reminiscence having sufficient capability for extra than simply your working system.

Intel tells us that, in most OEM prebuilt programs and laptops, the Intel Optane Reminiscence H10 will likely be preconfigured to appear like a single system. 

Builders, alternatively, might even see the unit as two distinct storage drives however, as soon as enabled, the Intel Optane Reminiscence driver and Intel Fast Storage Know-how Driver will mix the 2 drives and current the Intel Optane Reminiscence H10 as a single storage system in your PC.

We’ve have requested for remark from Intel on whether or not the Optane Reminiscence constructed contained in the drive may also be used to hurry up spinning laborious drives, and can replace this story as quickly as we all know extra.

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